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Σ-Fly (Sigmafly) – Tetrachrome EP [CUT008]

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Sigmafly (Σ-Fly) is Manchester based Tom Holmes. Fresh from his incredible free EP on Essáy's Warminal label he's put together a blinder of an EP for Cut.

Taking the musical aesthetics from the likes of Boards Of Canada, Lapalux, Burial and some of our previous Cut producers like Great Skies or Essáy, Tom envelops all the great parts and ultimately produces his own emotive, melodic and beautifully deep take on the style.

With carefully considered layers of intricate sound, chimes, piano, vocal snippets and echoing percussion these truly crafted pieces of outstanding audio make for great individual pieces, but combined, as an EP you can really appreciate the value of his aesthetic.

  1. Σ-Fly - And We Begin With Colour
  2. Σ-Fly - Similar Self
  3. Σ-Fly - Radio Sleep
  4. Σ-Fly - Facing Waves
  5. Σ-Fly - Tetrachrome
  6. Σ-Fly - Radio Sleep (Empyrean Remix)
  7. Σ-Fly - Monochrome (Everlone Remix)

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