DFRNT – High Friends In Places EP [CUT015]

Taking a dub-style approach to this suggestively titled "High Friends In Places" he presents three tracks, each taking modern dub stylings in a different direction.

Turning Back opens with an up-beat synth-led brass-spattered 4-4 dub break. Remember When exercises his affair with super-low sub, fluttering basslines and filtered horns drifting in and out. Final track Free Dive finds more dubbed-out synth-led territory with a plodding bassline and vocal snippets.

Make what you like of this move back towards his roots in deeper dubstep territory, compared with his recent album and EP, but it's clear DFRNT is at home producing in a variety of ways, and coupled with the Actaeon EP previously released on Cut he seems comfortable pushing the fresh young label in any direction he pleases.

  1. DFRNT - Turning Back
  2. DFRNT - Remember When
  3. DFRNT - Free Dive

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