Salvatore Córdova – Wolf Lichen EP [CUT052]

Masterful instrumentation and percussion meets deep electronic beats and IDM.



Salvatore Córdova’s truly masterful instrumentation mixes traditional guitar riffs, keys and percussion with deep electronic beats and danceable rhythms.

If you like Bonobo, Four Tet, The Cinematic Orchestra, the delicate sounds of Telefon Tel Aviv or the energy and melody of Tycho or Bibio then you’re in for a treat.

A generous 6 tracks are on this wonderful EP and I couldn’t be happier to have Mr Córdova with us on Cut Records.


14 September 2017

Salvatore Córdova


  1. Salvatore Córdova – Soapstone
  2. Salvatore Córdova – Birdseed
  3. Salvatore Córdova – Rhyolite
  4. Salvatore Córdova – Hologram
  5. Salvatore Córdova – Wolf Lichen
  6. Salvatore Córdova – Rainstick


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