Loomis & Jones – The Metal Serpent EP [CUT055]

Wide, expansive ambient drum & bass.



I feel like it’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally got electronic maestros Loomis & Jones on board at Cut! They have brought us a magnificent 2-track EP.

Blending ambient and deep drum & bass, their sound is full of feeling and space. Vestige is a wide, expansive ambient piece reminiscent of a beatless Boards of Canada brought up to date. Hats and arpeggiators keep this one moving along, and if ever there was a set or mix opener, this was it.

The title track shares the same emotional weight, but brings in a beautiful half-time drum & bass beat which underlays everything, making this one an ideal set closer.

There you have it – top and tail your mixes, or just enjoy this wonderful ten minutes of music as it is.


19 October 2018

Loomis & Jones


  1. Loomis – Vestige
  2. Loomis & Jones – The Metal Serpent


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