Mekha – Immersion LP [CUT016]

Experimental bass and deep techno tracks.



Experimental bass and deep techno tracks.

Mekha provides a deep, introspective selection of tracks, working in his own dark glitchy beeped-up dub-techno style of beatmaking with a range of collaborators.

Spaceape-esque vocals from MegaZimze, dusty female focals from Snowflake and a host of far-out remixes from Dsve Hosx, The Raging Sea, Emmerichk and Plug.

This is headphone electronica at it’s most polished.


09 August 2013



  1. Mekha – Immersion
  2. Mekha – Immersion (Reshape)
  3. Mekha – Submersion (Featuring MegaZimze)
  4. Mekha – Submersion (Dsve Hosx Remix Featuring MegaZimze)
  5. Mekha – Mikrometeoroiden (Featuring MegaZimze)
  6. Mekha – Mikrometeoroiden (The Raging Sea Remix Featuring MegaZimze)
  7. Mekha – Coma (Featuring Snowflake)
  8. Mekha – Coma (Emmerichk Remix Featuring Snowflake)
  9. Mekha – Ekoladen
  10. Mekha – Ekoladen (Plug Remix Featuring MegaZimze)
  11. Mekha – Farewell



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