Mu Vonz – Mirror City LP [CUT043]

Unique, woozy, low-fi hip hop with a unique style and charm.



LA resident Mu Vonz produces and writes woozy, low-fi hip hop with a unique style and charm.

Cut is proud to bring you his latest 16-track album “Mirror City”. The album dictates an escape from physical structures and specific locations, with a definite ‘out of this world’ appeal.

Although he references concepts and structures of the real, contemporary world as we know it, there’s a definite move to towards the unearthly and abstract across the album’s breadth.

Sit back, close your eyes and prepare your mind for this full-length journey!


01 April 2016

Mu Vonz


  1. Mu Vonz – .exit
  2. Mu Vonz – Glass Pyramid
  3. Mu Vonz – Spacechaser
  4. Mu Vonz – Spacechaser 2
  5. Mu Vonz – Spacechaser 3
  6. Mu Vonz – Rock No More
  7. Mu Vonz – Prpl Morning
  8. Mu Vonz – Gone
  9. Mu Vonz – Hex #9932CC
  10. Mu Vonz – Gray Area
  11. Mu Vonz – Clouds Of Vapor
  12. Mu Vonz – MMD
  13. Mu Vonz – Nighthawks
  14. Mu Vonz – Referencing Points
  15. Mu Vonz – Grey Area
  16. Mu Vonz – 01100010 01101100 0111010112



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