Quai Du Noise – Endless Latitude [CUT061]

Accomplished, finessed and beautifully produced house and techno.



Accomplished, finessed and beautifully produced house and techno from the deeper end of the spectrum.

As we break the 60 barrier with our Cut releases, and head into Spring & Summer 2020, the talented Italian duo Quai Du Noise bring us what might just be the perfect accompaniment to longer nights and sunnier days.

With 9 tracks of synth-led electronica, we go from laid back 4-4- beats to slower more chilled numbers with almost ambient pieces building into dance floor breaks. Heavenly sounds from accomplished producers Pale and Matteo taking us on a journey through melody.


27 March 2020

Quai Du Noise


  1. Quai Du Noise – Nothing More Than
  2. Quai Du Noise – Lights Above
  3. Quai Du Noise – Hyper Distance
  4. Quai Du Noise – Spectralis
  5. Quai Du Noise – Resistance
  6. Quai Du Noise – Endless Latitude
  7. Quai Du Noise – Lost Motion
  8. Quai Du Noise – Are We Dead?
  9. Quai Du Noise – Blinking


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