River of Deceit – Ulysses, I [CUT060]

Crunchy, crispy low-fi outsider house.



Crunchy, crispy low-fi outsider house is masterfully woven together in this six-track release from Italian producer River of Deceit.

From broken garage breaks to ambient interludes, filtered grime bass to low-fi beat-led passages this beautiful selection of tracks is an amazing journey through the mind of Venice-based Marco Cella and his self-described outsider house, IDM & garage.

Cut is proud to have Marco work his magic for the label and we couldn’t think of a more suitable piece for our 60th release!


28 February 2020

River of Deceit


  1. River of Deceit – The Joys of Waking up Drunk Four Times out of Five
  2. River of Deceit – The Warmth of Your Bedroom, Back at Your Parents House in the Middle of the Countryside
  3. River of Deceit – Soho
  4. River of Deceit – Die Young
  5. River of Deceit – Larry Heard and the Buchla Thunder Happiness Shaft
  6. River of Deceit – Oxford House Dissociative Amnesia


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