TOTTE – Spending My Days EP [CUT013]

A hyper, up-beat take on garage and post-dubstep.



TOTTE, Real name Totte Stankovich is a Swedish producer with a very vibrant take on music which is seemingly rooted within garage. His hyper, up-beat take incorporates glittering synths, skipped up beats and vocal clips and snippets that all seems to melt wonderfully in to this delightful take on a genre often more associated with far more moody or melancholy sounds.

Delivering three tracks for Cut, TOTTE has already admitted that these are his three favourite tracks so far and I don’t doubt that they will become three favourite tracks for everyone else too.


17 June 2012



  1. TOTTE – Light Beams
  2. TOTTE – Spending My Days
  3. TOTTE – Stay



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